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Hi Everyone!

Kristen and Keith came to me wanting to document their second pregnancy, and of course I was all about it!

I think every pregnant woman should take photos of themselves while pregnant… it really is such a short time in your life… it flies by like a dream… 9 months out of a lifetime really isn’t much… in the gran scheme of things.

I find myself missing the feeling of having a baby kicking inside me… it’s so weird to even say that! But true none the less. The connection you have with your unborn child is deeper than you could ever imagine… them “touching” you with kicks and movements is pure euphoria. *sigh*


so anyways.. back to Kristen Keith and Lily…

What a cute little family… watching them deal with their little lady reminded me of me and C…

having a two-year old and being 8 mths preggo…. phew… let’s just say I don’t miss that!

enjoy the time I spent with them at the Gristmill in Sudbury.

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