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Pamela and Mike’s wedding day began with a gorgeous morning! It had been kind of cool the past few days and I remember thinking to myself… Please, please, please, let this weather be better than the days past!


It certainly was! The Apple Hill Farm in Leominster is a great wedding venue! We were able to get some  really great images with the scenic backgrounds. I love everything fall… its my favorite season..


The apples on the hill, the yellow mums, the dark orange pumpkins and maroon flower hues… everything about this wedding said fall… The rope swing and sunset images are my favorite! It was perfect.. and perfectly relaxed!

It can get crazy when you have a wedding coordinator that is so stuck on time that they let that rule the day…  instead of letting the bride and groom enjoy themselves and just relax (which is really the main goal of all the vendors)

It’s important to remember when hiring a location or venue … that having a list of what is most important to you is KEY when dealing with coordinators. Events almost always run late,… don’t let the pictures be what get’s less time because of that! People will be talking and drinking at cocktail hour while awaiting your grand entrance… no one will remember if you have twenty minutes less dancing time…

what they will remember, are the amazing images we grabbed or didn’t :/


ok rant over!


So Pamela and Mikes day was totally chill town! I mean everyone was relaxed from the time they walked through the doors…

The enthusiasm was great and everyone was smiling ear to ear. I was even laughing at their jokes from the beginning!

People have their whole lives to be serious! BE SILLY! LET GO and have fun… this group was the perfect example of this… jumping, laughing, rocking, and swinging… all by themselves…

I love the chemistry certain groups have! They’re like a big all of fun!

The ceremony was super short and sweet and we were off to the partay!

After two emotional speeches and a father daughter dance that was one for the ages… this thing was well under way… They had a great time and it shows!

enjoy the images of Pamela and Mike.


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