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Hi Everyone!!!! I hope you all have been enjoying the amazing weather?!

It’s me, Ashley!!!! Here with a HUGE congrats to Steph and Pat!

I have no idea where summer went! I mean, I know I spent it doing fun things with my kids as much as possible..We went to the beach, canobie and “picnicked”.

We played and watched movies…

I also worked and worked, and worked some more..instead of being even more bogged down, I took the summer off from blogging….

Needless to say, I have a ton of stuff to post.. literally a ton. I’m considering doing a blog post a day until I run out of stuff to say!

Most importantly at the end of this summer, I watched my 6-year-old start first grade…. She is so grown up, and with her growing up… I feel more “grown-up”.

She is so independent, and mature…. and still when I look at her, I see my baby. Wise women muttered those same words to me years ago…and I’m sure I had some wise – ass comment to offer instead of gratitude… Thank you to those women….  One of those full-circle, ah-ha, bittersweet moments.

So anyways….

At the very beginning of the summer, I photographed an awesome wedding with Steph and Pat at the Rockport Music Shalin-Liu Performance Center

What a cool venue!

We met Steph and Pat at one of the most gorgeous beach houses in Rockport!  This group of girls was a riot… I was laughing all the way to the ceremony!

Which was also full of laughs and fun moments.

After a short and sweet ceremony, we headed outside and took some awesome pics out on to the cost and in a small alley way lined with Ivy… it was perfect.

On to an awesome reception at the Cruiseport Gloucester, where we had a super cool moment with these two on the dock down by the water…

A big thanks to Cody Burgess for helping me out that day!  Look out peeps… we work together like no other.

Enjoy their day!


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