A Decade to Drawbridge – Lindsey and Tanner – are HITCHED…. Cleopatra Photography – Boston and Surrounding Wedding Photographer

Congratulations Lindsey and Tanner….

There is no time limit on love …BUT… this Drawbridge took a decade to cross!!!!

Lindsey and Tanner’s big day was awesome… a backyard tented affair – that had no detail missed. Tanner’s parents home was a work of art…it was chock full with antiques!


BUT first, a fun fact – I usually never have to text the bride on the day of , but today I had to when I showed up to the “address” of the salon and was greeted in the drive-way by a woman on the phone who was HAMMERED… she was on the phone and just chatting away, let me into her home, finished her “conversation” on the phone (which is how I can tell she was wasted) and then as she hung up she looks at me and asks…. now What are you here for??


Needless to say, that was a laughing way  to start my day at 11 am… I guess it was 5 oclock to her…


Anyways, we managed to get the right address and the day went off without a hitch!!!


SO MUCH LOVE for This crew…literally the BEST MOH speech/disney montage I have ever heard…



enjoy a peek at their day….






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