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Here we are….. the last day of 2015!!!! WHHHAAATTT?

Time has flown and my life is moving along so fast, I can barely keep up…but I wouldn’t take it back for the world.

I had an amazing year and hope you all did too!?!

I take a lot of pride in getting to know my wedding couples… I feel like I can help you tell your story so much better, if I know who you are, and you know who I am!!! Mags and I never got an opportunity to meet in person before her big day, but that couldn’t have mattered less….

We chatted through email and over the phone about her ideas for her day…and developed and awesome relationship.  She told me all about her vision and how she had a few special props to incorporate.

Through all of my interactions with Maggie she was NEVER stressed out , and never let on that she might have been handling a lot on her plate…. She is just so positive and bright, it felt amazing to meet someone so optimistic.

Her laugh is magnetic and her personality is refreshing. She just GLOWS! She looked amazing in her wedding dress and her smile topped off the look…

you read it folks… there is something about Maggie… Lucky for Dan he scooped her up… These two are perfect for each other…

Mags and Dan, I wish you an awesome life together, I feel like you have found amazing partners in each other. It shows when you embrace. Your love is magical….. You are both very lucky, Happy New Year.

your friend, Ashley

Enjoy their day…






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