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Hi My lovies!


So here we are with a little preview at some of what has been going on at Cleopatra Photography! I have been so busy, that finding time for my blog seems to be getting harder and harder! But it’s amazing how many of you are following and I appreciate every one of you! over 500 hits a month is HUGE!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I have literally been working every single weekend since April! (I’m not complaining trust me) I LOVE my job…. but as we all know, the rain can make a fun outdoor plan for photos, turn into something completely different… in a flash!  Rescheduling is really hard when I don’t have many weekends or spots to fit sessions in ….. this days weather was bleak, but I refused to  allow the prospect of rain ruin this families date so we decided to STICK with it and they decided  to TRUST me…

I always tell people not to cancel unless it’s ME who says so because of the weather…and this is the reason why… it forced us into originality!!!

In a day and age where “everyone” buys a camera, and becomes a photographer

we have to figure out what makes us STAND OUT!


For me… I want people to see that the difference between myself and the rest of the talent…. is my diligence and the extra effort I put into making your sessions a MEMORY of a fun family experience… not just another time when you smiled at a camera.

So today, I bring you one of those moments when I had to make a quick decision and it turned out to be a great day…


After planning this session over and over and over, and then RAIN deciding to ruin our original plans….. we needed something fun to do with 3 kids in a hurry!!!


I drove by my usual spots by the studio in Clinton…..looking for something new and wahlah!!! There it was… a new little spot.


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to display those images…. It’s funny how things work out….. But I have no time to waste on difficult relationships, so moving right along…. here is the most adorable set of images, minus the free advertising.

And now without further hesitation… enjoy a look at this adorable families day… rain?? what rain….??




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