CONGRATULATIONS John and Melissa!! – Destination wedding Photography – Hyatt Goat Island Wedding Photographer – Cleopatra Photography

This is a bruins loving, poker regulating, doggie mommy and daddy-ing, marathon running powerhouse of a couple….

I can’t wait to share their images with you all…

Let’s talk about John and Melissa… I have know the Evangelous family for yeaaaars…. I met Chris (the best man) first…. way back in 8th grade I think… His hair remains in the top ten I have ever seen on a man… lol #hairgod…

Over the years, working around town I met John and started working with him and his family… (Battleline pest Control)

When John mentioned he was going to propose to Melissa – I was sooo happy for him and the whole family! He asked me to be their photographer and the rest is history… Check out the adorable and lightly applied #bruins theme to their wedding …LOVE… #newenglandsportsfanforlife

PSA… lol…. things are a mess over here on my desk while I am going through a huge rebranding! I have a cray-cray amount of images to share and some of these sessions are old and new… and out of order.. but all good things come to those who wait! I love all of you so much and appreciate your patience.

Enjoy these two and their awesome day…

John and Melissa… You guys truly are like friends to me….  I can’t wait to watch your story play itself out…

Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of your special day. Much Love, xo – A







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