Today was a good day,…. relaxing and easy is a good description. It isn’t always, I get to do something personal and fulfilling – but today I did.

Three weeks ago, I got a text from Joey’s mom… explaining that he had a project in school where he had to spend a day with someone and learn about their business … She thought of me …Little old me of ALL PEOPLE. Of course I jumped at the opportunity… I had almost nothing really planned today and sitting around watching me edit isn’t fun – so I decided we would paint… and talk.

My intention wasn’t to really teach him anything about taking photos… but about the possibility of following your dream and making a real business or career out of it….

Sports aren’t his thing… but snowboarding and video games are…  I wasn’t shocked…lol

When I asked him what he wanted to do in the future he wasn’t really sure… so Maybe I dropped a little birdie in his ear about the possibility to design for video games as a graphic engineer or a part of their design team… #grandmasboy…

Joey is a great kid… Thank you Sue for allowing him to come today and Thank you Joey for listening to me talk.

Here is a peak at our little time together….


Joey 14







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This is my absolute favorite kind of session…

The kind of session where you can feel that this,  THIS – is the place where my couple belongs.

It’s where they fit. Not because I placed them there, but because they placed me.  Spring St. I see you…

Stephanie & Jeff. I can’t wait to watch your lives unfold…I am so glad we met!

Enjoy a look at their day… just a walk in the woods.


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GAMERS! Whether undercover or loud and proud – where are you??!! This one is totally for you…

Fallout much??

If the answer is YES… come have a laugh, and a look at the fun we had the other day playing around

with the FALLOUT theme while shooting this maternity session.

When I ask couples what they love to do they usually hesitate – look at each other – and don’t know exactly what to say!

Let me assure you – there is no wrong answer… and this is why it is so important to be real with me!!!

I used to be one of those photographers that  picked a pretty location (usually over used and well known) and decided THAT was going to make great photos…

after almost 9 years doing this…. I have realized it’s definitely not the location… or how pretty it is.

It’s about how comfortable my clients are or how relaxed they are with me.

What makes a session that much more special though is having it be personal!! Whether you are a gamer or a farmer. If you like adventure or sitting at home on the couch… I want to photograph who you really are!

I promise that the images of you pretending to be in a post apocalyptic world….  are better and will be way more memorable to you and all your friends and family, than the “perfect location”

I feel like I could shoot in a dumpster and make it pretty if that’s what you guys love… ok but seriously please don’t make me get in a dumpster… lol… I will however go to a junk yard… I don’t mind “trash”!!!  Just not in small spaces… 🙂

Kara and Ted, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your lives and capture all this fun stuff! and then trusting me when I told you to bring this stuff! 😉

So now I won’t keep you waiting any longer… here are Ted and Kara’s “Fallout Themed” maternity photos.

If you are in the Boston or Worcester area and want to chat about your ideas for sessions…

I am all ears! I love originality and taking images that speak about the people in them…

oh, and Of course we did some “pretty” and personal stuff because … Gamers like hugging and cuddling too …

to book your session don’t hesitate to contact me @

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Who doesn’t love a newborn baby? Lifestyle Newborn Photography is my favorite type of session

(right next to engagement portraits around Boston!)

 Add a gorgeous Newborn little guy, with a full head of blonde hair and my heart is like cue the melt!!!!

So here is a little peek at my time with him and his mommy and daddy…<3 Welcome to the world little guy!

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Hi Darlings!!!!

Well… It has been one (1) day since the “blizzard” we just had, and in four (4) days it will be Spring! WHATTTT?

Yeah I know…

A few weeks ago we had a taste of 70 degree weather and I got the bug! I am so ready for Spring – I’m bringing it early!

I don’t really care if it’s cold outside because it’s going to be spring here in the studio!

I have a beautiful set in mind for this years easter and spring images and a special “intern” helping with sessions and I can’t wait!!!

Think Moss, Antiques, and a whole punch of pastel… OH SO GOOD!!!!

I literally can’t wait to share all the enchanted goodness with your littles…

you know me – I usually never post previews of set-ups and this time will be no exception. Trust me, trust my work and head into the studio this month or throughout April and let’s make some memories… I’m not all about the studio life… but when I do it, I do it right!

Let’s have fun…

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