I love babies… I loved being pregnant and truthfully, I even loved giving birth!

It is all such an amazing miracle.

While these babies aren’t mine, I am attached to each one of them, and emotionally invested in their vast and unforeseen futures.

I am honored that so many beautiful couples have asked me to preserve these memories for them… by telling their story with images…

That’s what images do. They transport you to a place in time, and evoke priceless emotion.

Each generation will hold these heirlooms and gaze at each image over and over again trying to see a part of themselves in you. Trying to imagine themselves in that moment.

They feel it in their heart, as we do when we look at images of our grandparents and loved ones….. through these keepsakes, our family’s legacy lives on.

Thank you to the fabulous Nancy and crew at Winston Flowers  for allowing us to use the greenhouses for a few images.


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There is nothing sweeter than when a parent has a special outfit picked out for their newborn session

…  even the littlest sentimental items can add a special touch to your in home or lifestyle newborn portraits..

Well, this mommy went all out – and found my old friend – Etsy!!!

As most of us know, this place is the mecca for creatives and a haven for mommies looking for cute handmade stuff!

amongst the millions of cute things… , she found the most adorable little mermaid outfit! ahhh..

Ariel is in the house ladies and gentlemen… Just kidding… Alarah is here and Big sister Raelynn is in love…

as long as you don’t try and put that baby on her lap! 2 year olds eh?

#memories like these are the cutest moments ever… <3

Sah & Steven … you guys are so special to me! We go waaaay back… as in engagement session back.

It’s been what seems like a lifetime together and what an amazing ride… I’m eternally grateful, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you!

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Family vacations are my favorite thing ever. Second to capturing the memories made on them.

When I was a kid, some of the best memories I can recall are of my family taking trips.

We laughed, we played, stayed up late, enjoyed life and each other.

I wish I could go back in time and take pictures of us. I feel infinitely lucky because somehow, although so many of my memories as a child, have no pictures to go along with them… I get to live through all of your experiences… vicariously, and although I’m sad I don’t have the physical images of my own… there is no feeling like being the one who hands these type of moments over to these gorgeous families who trust me with their hearts.

Nick and Renee… thank you for allowing me into your lives again and again…. <3

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