The Byers without Borders are here, and we got to hang out with them for a day! Cleopatra Photography – Traveling family blog photography – International traveling family photographer

So, my friends….. if you know me and have been following from the beginning you know this family… you have seen their little faces many, many times… except not recently. It’s been 4 years and 1500 miles between us since we have spent time together, and it was an emotional reunion!

Full of smiles, happy memories and remember whens…

What can I say about these gorgeous girls… well here is what can I say… they came from the coolest parent ever… and it shows.

They exude chill and peace and are centered when they need to be and adorable, laughing like crazy and adventurous kids the rest of the time.

When I started editing…I was smiling from ear to ear just in awe of how happy and great everyone looked… and then as I got deeper into the session, I started to bawl.. literally… I was overwhelmed with all the emotion from seeing all the love this family shares…

and even more emotional was seeing the twins… how they had grown into little women from the little girls I remember so well…

the little girls who essentially gave me my start.

During the session I just shoot and laugh and direct…. It isn’t until I get to look back at the images, late at night… all alone…

that I FEEL the moments.

That right there my loves, is how I know I am on the right path… My heart and soul seek this emotion but my head doesn’t force it… it is just like breathing for me.

It’s a representation of love. Viewing it as a piece of art I created is overwhelming sometimes… or maybe all the time… but calling these type of images “pics” just doesn’t do them justice.

Thank you to Bill, Jen and the girls for coming up to Massachusetts to see me and being up for any and every adventure.

I am honored and wish you all the success in the world… see you on the other side of the ocean.


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Waiting for baby Glynn… Cleopatra Photography – Hudson Ma, outdoor Maternity and Newborn Photography in Central ma

Sunset for days, that is all…

No I’m kidding…but I enjoyed this session tremendously! Everything was perfect. From the golden sunlight to the dramatic sunset… this session was beautiful. Thank you both for being up for an adventure. You can’t make this stuff up… everything just fell in place.

It’s funny how the universe knows, sometimes better than ourselves, that These moments in fact are more than moments, and are more than just pictures.

They are gentle reminders… reminders of our past. Things that only become more valuable over time.

It’s an epiphany when you realize that these images are our legacy.

When we are old and grey, or long gone from this earth, our memory lives on forever in the images we hold and feel, the stories that explain the people in them, and the laughter and emotion that ensues.

Remember when your parents converted all of their files on hard and then floppy disks to CD’s? Yeah me either… because they didn’t.

Now imagine these images of you as a baby being gone forever.

We can’t fathom digging up old computers and broken cell phones to show our childrens, children images of us when we carried them in our bellies and then arms? No… and even worse – the drives and technology to view them on, won’t even exist anymore.

So we print them (not all of them) but what is most emotionally important to us. What we can’t live without and what represent US.

I can’t explain how important it is, and how happy it makes me when families understand that.

We FEEL these images with our heart,  and value them MORE than

our vacations, our cars, our big new houses and our have to have “Jimmy Choo” shoes or “Coach” purse.

Those aren’t the things we grab as we head for the hills….or when disaster is at our door.

It’s your grandmother’s wedding album,  or images of your mom as a baby… or your parent, friend or loved one who is no longer here….

The gentle reminders of memories we can’t replace…

our legacy.

To book your session, please email me at – let’s create heirlooms.

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Family, is a circle of strength and love – Cleopatra Photography – Lifestyle family photographer , Westborough Ma

It doesn’t take a genius, to see a person and think they define the word strong.

They may not have super human strength, or be able to fly… but these people are heroes among us. They fight battles we can’t imagine facing.

We see them every day, and they smile and pretend the world isn’t resting on their shoulders.

It’s in their nature to want to shield us from their pain.  Secret, uncelebrated and hidden strength.

When I pulled up to Steve and Tracy’s place, I sat outside for 15 minutes pep talking myself… reiterating – you can’t be emotional about this,  ignore, don’t acknowledge and don’t feel , this isn’t your family…. but in reality, this is all of our families…

because it could so easily be any of our families…

Embraces,  are brief moments that don’t cost a thing. So what’s wrong with a hug that last a little longer? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Unconditional love, is the only thing that matters.

Show it, and allow yourself to receive it. The world will be a better place because of it. <3


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Fall is here, and so is engagement season – CONGRATULATIONS Elena & Mike!!! Cleopatra Photography – Boston Ma Engagement Photographer – Fun engagement photography central Ma – Fall Foliage Engagement photos in Boston

Someone call the fire brigade… because these two are oh so hot…

and totally a riot to hang out with!

When I found out Mike was a local firefighter, and would (at least be willing to) bring some of his stuff  – I got so excited I was like wooooot….. time for some adorable pics! Certainly the pics were adorable, but more than that – holy smokes these two look amazing together.

From sitting to standing they didn’t disappoint with their ability to just be themselves. Falling into each other’s arms and staring into each others eyes. or just straight up giggling.

Elena & Mike,

Thank you for following me around town the other day! I can not wait until your wedding day… You two are going to be showstoppers!

Now enjoy a peek at your day… 🙂


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Hannah & Drew’s – Pre “I do…” #engaged – Cleopatra Photography – Worcester Ma Engagement Photographer – Fun Engagement Photos in Massachusetts

Do you know that feeling, when you are with two people that are so comfortable with themselves, they instantly put you at ease?

That’s Hannah & Drew. Everything felt familiar and we were old friends from the very first click.

Hannah & Drew…. You both are so sweet.

Spending the day with you last week was a blast. From watching you re-learn how to skip rocks, to waiting for someone to run out of the maroon building… I laughed the entire time.

We grabbed some great moments, and I am so excited to shoot your wedding next year.


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